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Landscape Lighting

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Along with our traditional landscaping and design services, we’re also excited to offer landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is a great way to complement the rest of your landscape by enhancing brightness and visibility throughout your landscape at all times. We offer a wide range of landscape lighting solutions that enable you to pick one that fits your aesthetic and also your budget. Furthermore, we also provide maintenance and installation when it comes to your landscape lighting.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Some of the most popular items included in our landscape lighting are solar-powered pathway lights to illuminate any walkways or sidewalks, as well as implanted lanterns that can be integrated throughout your lawn to highlight important features and distribute light evenly. Landscape lighting provides a variety of visibility solutions, and can also contribute to the ambiance of your landscape. If you're unsure what kind of landscape lighting would best suit you, then be sure to get in contact with us today so that we can advise you further on your options.


One of the main things that you want to consider when installing landscape lighting is what part of your lawn do you want to bring the most attention to. If you have trees and other plants or a patio or walkway, then you will want to install landscape lighting the compliments these areas and can guide those that are using them. This can also distribute light evenly throughout your landscape if you have more than one structure that requires lighting. We provide LED light bulbs for all of our lighting solutions so that you do not have to worry about wasting energy while using them or having to replace them regularly.

Pathway Lighting

Many of our clients decide to invest in pathway lighting because it is a practical and safe way to guide those who use the walkway to their destinations safely. Pathway lighting can come in various forms such as small lightbulbs that are attached to fixtures along the pathway, or small lanterns that are aligned accordingly. You can also choose to invest in a strip of lighting that is installed to the side of your pathways to illuminate the concrete slabs. Pathway lighting can be discreet or it can be unique and decorative. Whatever you decide, we are here to help you find the most budget-friendly option available along with a durable solution that will ensure that your pathways are always lit accordingly.

Patio Lighting

Installing patio lighting is a great way to enhance the ambiance of your patio so that it can be more comfortable during the summertime when you spend more time outside. Patio lighting is designed to provide background light that is not too illuminating but is bright enough so that you can see what you are doing outside when the sun goes down. You can choose unique and rustic bulb lighting that can be strung around trees or you can choose lanterns and other fixtures with LED bulbs.

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