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Lawn Maintenance

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Lawn maintenance typically includes everything from general clean-up and care services to more intensive and invasive services such as removing trees, removing bushes, adding mulch, as well as planting new flowers. We have experience in every type of lawn maintenance and have been providing regular lawn maintenance to our customers in the Chandler, Arizona area for many years. We understand how challenging it can be to consistently maintain your lawn so that it looks even and healthy throughout the year. Our lawn maintenance services are intended to reduce the stress surrounding my maintenance and to give you reliable services in return so that you can enjoy your lawn for as long as possible.

Weekly Maintenance

As mentioned previously, we are delighted to offer scheduled weekly maintenance that is available at your disposal. All you have to do is give us a call and arrange a time when you would like your lawn to be maintained on a weekly basis, and we will send our team of license landscapers out to your property on the scheduled date every week to provide full-service lawn maintenance solutions. Included in most of our weekly lawn maintenance services such as lawn mowing, yard clean-up, and weed removal.

What’s Included

Well we include weekly lawn mowing and cleanup services in our maintenance, you can also inquire further about other services that we could potentially offer on a weekly basis. This could include watering the lawn, aerating the lawn to ensure that the soil and grass are healthy and receiving oxygen, as well as removing any excess debris that has accumulated in your lawn over the weeks that could potentially harm you or your landscape if left alone. If you want to avoid high costs of having landscapers spend hours on your lawn because it has not been maintained, then we highly recommend considering weekly maintenance services to reduce the amount of maintenance that your lawn needs.

Seasonal Maintenance

On top of our weekly maintenance services, we are also proud to offer seasonal maintenance. Depending on the size and scope of your lawn, he may not require weekly maintenance as some others do. If this is not the case but you do enjoy having your leaves raked in bulk by professionals, then you may want to consider our seasonal maintenance services. We offer seasonal maintenance that is tailored to your needs on the lawn that you have.

Attention to Detail

Lastly, we always aim to provide special attention to detail when it comes to caring for and maintaining the integrity of your lawn. We are able to do this with our initial consultation so that we can better understand what your expectations are and what you would like extra attention paid to during our lawn maintenance services. Our team has been positively reviewed in the past because of our special attention to detail and our ability to continuously integrate your needs and preferences into all of the lawn maintenance work that we perform.

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