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what is landscape design

What is Landscape Architecture and How is it Different From What is Landscape Design?

What is Landscape Design? Landscape design is a discipline and an individual career, practised by landscape architects, blending science and nature. In modern professional practice, landscape architecture links the practical space between garden designing and landscape architecture. The landscape architect works within the constraints of space available, incorporating natural features and patterns into their design to create a visually appealing site. This can be a physically imposing challenge and many do not succeed in the field.

A key principle of landscape architecture is the placement of focal points, the setting up of specific visual features such as plants, rocks or benches which bring the whole concept of landscaping into focus. Focal points can be thought of as a single element, defining the general concept. In the case of plants, their position determines whether they will shade or block sunlight; the position and size of water features determine how they will receive water; the position and shape of benches and other objects determine how they will be used. Thus, a landscape designer should consider all of the factors before deciding where plants should be placed.

In the case of gardens and planting areas, the focus is normally on the function of each item, such as the size of the plants and trees, the materials they are made from and their expected annual income. However landscape designers are also expected to think about the aesthetics and appearance of the finished garden. For example, an arrangement of rocks may be attractive but it may have no practical purpose. Landscape designers are therefore required to think through the concepts of aesthetics and functionality before making any decisions regarding plant and landscape designs.

Another key factor which precludes landscape designers from achieving their objectives is that they do not pay enough attention to the technical aspects of the designs. Landscape architecture is subject to a number of constraints beyond what is visual. One of these is the temperature, which can greatly affect the success of designs. It is important to remember that all of us are affected by climate and many of us spend a good part of our day outdoors. As such, in order to ensure that our gardens and landscapes are both practical and appealing it is essential to pay careful attention to the various temperatures of the weather and the construction materials used.

A final area where many commercial landscape designers fall short of their goals is in the implementation of their ideas. Even if a landscaping company has great ideas, they may not be implemented in a way that makes them work in reality. This is why it is so important to work with a trained and experienced professional landscaper to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

A simple way to ensure that your landscaping design is as successful as you would like it to be involving the use of the focal point. The focal point is responsible for drawing the eye of the viewer in and leading them towards a specific area of the yard. The focal point should not be something that is overly expensive or overbearing such as an elaborate fountain or lush plant collection. Instead, use a plant or object that will stand out from the rest and draw the eye of the viewer. This could be something as simple as a tree that is in the background or a set of plants placed in a specific way to enhance one another.

When considering what is landscape design, consider using the services of a certified landscaping expert. These individuals will have extensive experience in the field and will know which plants will work best in certain areas of your yard. Certified landscape experts may also work alongside a nursery to help create the ideal environment for you to grow your plants. Landscapers will also know how to care for your yard after the installation of your new landscaping materials, so you can enjoy the results for years to come.

It is important to note that what is landscape architecture and what is landscape design are very different creatures. Landscape architecture focuses on supporting and building structures while landscape architecture focuses on the overall aesthetic appeal of the yard. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your yard, consider planting more trees and using plants that can complement each other. This will ensure that you have a yard that looks nice all year round, rather than all at once during a certain season of the year. Landscapes may be viewed as works of art and will truly increase the aesthetic appeal of your home and property.