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What are the elements of landscape architecture? Landscape architecture is the process of designing a structure or setting up a physical structure by using landscape materials such as plants, rocks, soil, and etc. It is an arrangement of these materials that bring together visual interest, comfort, usability and ecological quality. A landscape architect is responsible to create an aesthetically pleasing site that can be functional as well. The main aim of the landscape architect is to create a space that can serve multiple purposes.

what are the elements of landscape design

A landscape architect has to be highly creative and innovative. They should have a flair for art and design. Their aesthetic sense should complement the local environment. As they would be involved in the selection and placement of plants and rocks, they would have to ensure that these are compatible with the climatic and geographical conditions. This should ensure that the structure they select looks attractive.

An architect should have some prior experience in landscape designing. He should have some aesthetic sense and be imaginative. It is their creativity and aesthetic sense that would help them achieve their target. The basic things that are considered as an element of landscape architecture are the line, texture, form and color. These play a major role in making a beautiful site. These factors are considered to be primary while determining the layout plan of a landscape.

A well-planned site can increase its value and can also attract a large number of visitors. It can also improve the property’s safety and can be used as a business’ location point. Therefore, it is important that a landscape architect is well-experienced and creative. However, it should not be the focus of his work. He should leave the planning to the professionals.

A landscape architect should have the ability to visualize clearly his work without any hindrance and he should be able to improvise when the need arises. He should know and follow what are the elements of landscape architecture. He should be aware of the natural limitations and should know how to meet the demands of the landscape in the best possible manner.

The main objective of landscape architect is to make efficient use of all available resources to beautify the site. He should be able to blend the natural features with urban characteristics in such a way that the beauty of the site is enhanced. The landscape architect should know how to conserve the resources properly. The nature should never be over-ridden. A good landscape architect should be innovative and should be able to make new ideas when he finds something of his own. He should have a fresh outlook on how things should be done and should never replicate anything existing.

There is no uniform standard of landscape architect. Each landscape architect has his/her own style, which is individual and unique. It is important for an architect to understand the needs of the site before he starts planning the plan. A landscape architect should never think of replicating another plan because he will end up losing the essence of uniqueness. An architect should have the vision of creating a new site which will become a landmark and a tourist attraction in its own right.

Planning, organizing, executing and maintaining a nice landscape is not an easy task. However, if you are a skilled landscape architect, you will be able to meet all these demands very easily. You must keep one thing in mind that the overall look and feel of the landscape are more important than the details of the construction process. Therefore, you should have a well thought out plan and layout for implementing your ideas about what are the elements of landscape architecture.