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A simple landscape design in Chandler AZ can enhance the value of your property and make your backyard beautiful. When designing a yard for your home, keep in mind that there are some fundamental landscaping rules to follow. These rules can help you build a yard that is attractive, functional, pleasing to the eye and affordable to maintain. One such rule is to use a basic color scheme. Landscapes are made beautiful by using only one or two primary colors, but more complex color schemes are beautiful when used in clusters or contrasting with various hues.

simple landscape design in Chandler AZ

If you are working with an existing backyard, take time to examine the landscaping of the past. Has the garden was maintained? Do the plants and shrubs still look healthy and in good shape? If they do, you can use these plants and shrubs in your new design.

Another important part of a simple landscape design in Chandler is to think about the size of your yard. This is an important part of your home that you want to be sure to cover all of the available space in your yard. You will want to leave room for walking, dining and other activities that will occur around your home as well as enough room to comfortably accommodate your lawnmower and gardening tools.

One way to use your yard to its fullest advantage is to choose plants and shrubs that will grow to a reasonable size. It is nice to have a lawn that looks like it could use some tender loving care, but sometimes this just is not possible. If you do not have enough room for a large yard, you should try to design one that is as simple as possible. Use a deck as a focal point in your yard and place smaller shrubs and plants at points where they will receive adequate sunlight and warmth. This will allow you to use more of your own land and create a more beautiful oasis.

Another way to create a simple landscape design in Chandler is to use a trellis system. A trellis system can be designed to allow for the full view of the garden when you are walking through it. The best parts of most trellises are the planks that provide the railing for climbing. They should be constructed of wood with small pieces of iron attached to them. This makes them very simple to maintain.

One of the best things about a trellis system is that you can add small plants to it as you wish. You can place a small fountain on the railing and then place plants on the other sides. This can also be done to create an area of lush green lawn that will be the envy of everyone who walks by. When you are planning your design, consider the types of flowers that you would like to see in your yard. For instance, if you have a lot of red flowers, consider putting redwood trees in your yard or if you prefer a plant that has different shades of colors, choose some plants with different colors.

When you have decided upon the plants, it is time to place them in strategic places in your yard. There are so many great ideas for where to place your plants that it can be overwhelming at first. Before you know it, you will have created an awesome yard landscape that you can enjoy every day of the year. If you love to plant your own plants and you want to take pride in your yard, the landscape you design in Chandler will be one that you will cherish for years to come.

Take the time to walk through your yard while you are there. Check out the plants that you have placed. Is each one going to grow? Is each one doing what you intended it to do? Once you have the answers to these questions, you are ready to begin planning your simple landscape design in Chandler.