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Native Landscape Design In Chandler AZ

Whether you live in Chandler or if you are looking to relocate to Chandler, the beauty of a native landscape design can be the key to transforming your home into an area that is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to dwell in. Although many homeowners choose to incorporate landscaping into their overall design, a native landscape design in Chandler holds a certain charm that just cannot be replicated. A native environment is one in which plant life has been sustained for many years without any human interference. It is also one in which everything, from the plants, to the rocks, to the water and the soil, is completely natural.

native landscape design in Chandler AZ

When people think of native areas, they typically envision desert vegetation and animals roaming freely throughout the area. While this is definitely a part of the native realm, there are also other characteristics to consider when incorporating native habitat into your property. One such characteristic is water. Almost every native habitat is designed to withstand some level of drought. This is another reason why the desert is so beloved by many people.

For instance, droughts in the area will cause desert vegetation to die back and even native fish to migrate to the surface and die. A drought will also lead to the death of other vegetation in the area. However, a native pond or stream might survive a drought by simply being smaller than what it would otherwise be. This is because the water is drawn down from higher, more naturally endowed areas.

In addition to drought, there are many earthquakes in the area that may cause structural damage to buildings and other structures. Because of this, many buildings and homes are built with little or no ornamentation on them. Some examples of this include stone walls that are built up against the mountain cliffs that surround the city of Chandler. This not only adds a majestic and rustic charm to the area, but also a degree of structural protection against major earthquakes.

As you can see, there are many different things that can affect the environment in the area of your home. One of those effects is rock. Since this area is near the caves and other formations that contain natural rock, there is a good chance that you will have a selection of different kinds of rock in your backyard. Rock can come in many shapes, colors, and forms and each one will fit into a unique design scheme. The good news is that in the style of landscaping that is being done now, you have a lot of choices.

You can opt for more traditional looks with the rock, or you can go with a more modern rock. While there are several types of rock, like river rock, desert rock, and glacial rock, the most popular of the lot is the native rock. It is common to find river rock in parks and public gardens, and desert rock throughout the greater Chandler area. Glacial rock is found in mountains all over Arizona, and its color palette can be used to great advantage when creating a landscape design. It is common to see rock in parks, on streets, in the gardens of homes and in the backyards of neighborhoods.

While native rock is quite common and easy to come by, it is also something that can be difficult to find. Landscaping designers can sometimes get a hold of it, but if they do not have a source near them, it can take weeks or even months before they can locate and get hold of enough of the rock to complete a project. On the flipside, there are also a lot of artists who know just where to find this rare variety of rock. By working with these individuals, you can turn the usually tedious process of finding the rock into an enjoyable experience that gives you amazing results.

Native landscapes require a lot of maintenance and care. Their design comes from the rocks, riverbeds and other areas that hold water, and they must be properly cared for so that they can stay in prime condition. Landscape architecture can be used to create visual flows through the different areas and they can also be used to create visual continuity. The use of plants and other elements of design creates textures and a sense of dimension and the resulting structures can be quite stunning in both their beauty and their functionality. There are also a wide number of materials that can be used for the landscape design of your home and these include rock, concrete and brick.