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You will always find people who say that landscaping is more attractive than gardening. Both have their own advantages but which do you think is more attractive? In reality, the answer is neither. It’s a very personal choice depending on what your preferences are. If you have a small yard and small plants then you can consider landscaping instead of gardening. But if you have a big yard and lots of plants then you can say that gardening is more appealing.

landscaping vs gardening

In landscaping, there is a lot of planning and preparation involved. Planning and preparation mean looking for the right kind of material to use, determining the best place for the formation of the garden, and thinking about the best design for your house and surrounding areas. It is not simply laying down a bunch of grass and flowers as your garden. Even if that’s how it looks like when you’re done with it, the real work is still ahead. Here are some tips on how you can start planning your landscaping.

Think twice before making any decisions on what to plant. Try to know first the needs of your garden so you will be able to determine which plants will be perfect for it. Consider your location because it plays a great role in the development of your garden. If you live in an area where the soil is sandy or clay-based then you might want to plant a different kind of flower than if your soil is clay.

Determine if you want to plant hardily or not. Some flowers are hardy and look good even without a lot of care but others don’t survive well outside. For example, you can’t put the cymbidiums, the best flower plants for the dry hills, under full sun. They won’t survive and the whole idea of starting a garden is about having something beautiful at your back door.

Choose the right climate for your garden. The climate should be similar to the type of plants that will be planted. If you don’t want the hassle of transplanting your plant then make sure you chose a garden that is not too far from the house.

Choose what plants to plant based on how much they grow and also on your budget. Don’t try to plant too many plants as it will just be too overwhelming. Too many plants can be too much for one small space. If you feel you have no clue which ones are going to do well, buy seeds or start with plants that come from big box stores.

Start excavating the area that you plan to plant. This will give a good foundation for your garden. Make sure you fill up all the spaces in between the holes. Also, check if there are any underground molds or insects. Getting rid of them would be beneficial for your health and safety.

When landscaping or gardening you have to consider the tools you will need. You might have the best garden soil but it won’t do you any good if you don’t have the right tools. Look for tools that will make landscaping easier like hoes, rakes, brushes and even a weed eater. These things will make your job a lot easier. Don’t neglect this part as it really is important.

As a professional landscaper, you must always be ready to learn new techniques and tricks in landscaping. Some people would prefer to outsource their landscaping jobs especially if they have extra time and no other family members who are also into the landscaping hobby. Hiring a landscaping company will be very advantageous. You will save time on researching and prepare for future projects. They can also help with your budget preparation and give advice on what will work best for your garden.

Finally, you should put effort in how you maintain your garden. Paying attention to the lawn and the flowers will greatly enhance your garden. Watering the plants and keeping the grass healthy will add beauty to your garden. Remember that maintaining your garden does not mean you take no time out to enjoy it. Your garden means a lot to you and your family. Take some time to have fun and appreciate the fruits of your labor.

In the end, landscaping or gardening is really a personal preference. Both have their own specialties. For me, enjoying the outdoors and working with nature are very important. I love working with all types of plants, flowers, trees and rocks. I feel that gardening is more of a task where you are pre-planning and preparing before you start planting. I see great results when I am able to do things on my own.