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One of the things that most people can do to enhance any landscape is to plant natives. Native plants, by definition, are plants that have lived for many years in their given habitat. While not all native plants can flourish, they add beauty and character to your landscape. Planting a native landscape design in Chandler AZ will not only improve your landscaping but will also increase your property value.

native plant landscape design in Chandler AZ

There are several types of plants that you may use as a basis for your native plant design. Some of these include: Arizona Bluegrass, Wild Parsley, Black Eyed Susans, desert bloom or desert sunflower. These and other types of plants can be used as a base for your landscaping design. You can use one or more of these as a focal point in your landscape. A unique feature of many of these native plants is that they look best when planted in the desert.

Creating a desert plant garden is easy. Just plant a variety of desert plants, such as cacti, shrubs, and others. You should avoid using desert oases as your plants because they can become too wet. In order to avoid this, water your landscape continually during the dry days of the year.

Creating a desert plant garden is best done in an area that receives little moisture. If possible, plant your desert plants within six inches of each other. This makes it easier for the soil to drain because it doesn’t get so wet. For the best results, plant your native plants in well drained soil that is slightly acidic. Other methods of ensuring that your landscape receives proper drainage include planting grass in the ground beneath trees and building retaining walls to keep soil from eroding.

Desert plants add a unique beauty to your landscape and provide a habitat for many of the birds and wildlife that live in the area. If you are looking for an excellent way to attract these native animals to your yard, consider planting cacti. They will add splendor and color to any landscape and help provide food sources for local wildlife. Not only that, cacti make excellent ornamental plants, especially if you plant them in groups of three or more.

When creating a desert plant garden, remember that you want to create a habitat for all types of native animals. Make sure that you plant your desert plants close together, and work hard to ensure that they all get plenty of sun and water. You also need to watch out for predators. A couple of animals that you might want to look for are snakes and cats.

Flowers are an important part of any native plant garden. Try to match your desert planting with species of flower that is known for its bloom time. There are many desert plants that have bloom time that last all summer. These flowers include Irritation Flowers, which are perfect for sunny days; Giant Flowers, which are best planted as an annual; and desert tulips, which bloom during the droughts in spring. Try to include species that require minimal maintenance so you won’t be wasting your time and energy in trying to maintain them.

Desert plants are not the most beautiful, but they can be quite spectacular to look at and beautiful to your landscape. Native plants can be used as focal points or as accents to other plants in your desert landscape design. Be careful, though, to choose native plants that will be able to survive the climate and elements in the area. This will save you time and effort in the long run.