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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Make Good Use of Existing Flowers and Shrubs

yard landscaping ideas

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Make Good Use of Existing Flowers and Shrubs

Are you looking for yard landscaping ideas? A small budget does not mean you must settle for mediocrity. There are a wealth of creatively unique ways to rev up the yard in little to no yard landscaping costs at all. The best part is, with minimal design and preparation, you are able to be as creative or fun as you wish to be. Here are some yard landscaping ideas to get you started:

Create an outdoor water feature or fountains using pebbles and strategically placed rocks. To build a rock garden, insert long, round pebbles into a shallow hole and pack them firmly. Then, plant small flowers and shrubs around the pebbles. Water the garden often and watch the grass takes on a rich, lush appearance.

Create cheerful floral border or garden around your home. Begin by locating a few favorite flowers that you enjoy smelling and planting them in an artful way around your home. Potted herbs such as basil, chives, and oregano make wonderful window boxes or small sculptures for this kind of landscaping idea. Place one of these garden elements beside your front door and you’ll instantly have a cheerful floral border in your front yard looking fantastic.

Add dramatic accent to a yard with the addition escape lighting. Use low level spotlights, high light fixtures, and fixtures with uplights to spotlight a focal point in your landscape design. You can accomplish this type of landscaping idea by installing post lights, hanging lanterns, or string lighting around a tree or other focal point.

Create curb appeal with an interesting flower bed. One way to create a small front yard landscaping idea is to plant several varieties of perennials and flowering shrubs or plants at the same time. This will provide color year-round and is an excellent way to highlight the front yard while insuring privacy. Choose an interesting flower bed or border that complements the color and texture of your home’s exterior. Consider planting marigolds, hostas, calendulas, or any colorful flowering shrubs near the main entrance to your home.

Border your yard with several types of flowering shrubs, bushes, and flowering plants. Shrubs, flowering plants, and garden beds are an excellent way to fill in a bare area around the house. Use a trellis system to add a decorative frame around your flower beds. Hostas, calendulas, and marigolds work well on this border because their colors complement the colors of your home’s exterior. Cut the border to the desired length and plant seedlings or seeds in the spaces between the flower beds.

Use low maintenance evergreen grasses, shrubs, and plants to create a stunning focal point. A low maintenance evergreen border is easy to maintain and does not need much attention. Low maintenance grasses, shrubs, and flowers can help homeowners create a stunning outdoor living space in a quick and easy way. If you have chosen to use evergreens, do not be afraid to relocate them when needed. Low maintenance grasses, shrubs, and flowers can easily blend into the background without requiring the extra upkeep.

If you would prefer to use some shrubs, bushes, and ground cover, be sure to choose ones that will not compete with your flowers, shrubs, and plants. One way to achieve this is to use shrubs, bushes, and ground covers that are smaller in size than those that would normally be included in a flower bed. For example, if you would like to include a bench in your front yard landscaping ideas, make sure that the bench will not obstruct your view of the flowers or shrubs. Instead, select an item that is smaller in size and that blends in naturally with the rest of the landscape. By choosing items that are smaller in stature, they will also make sure to add color and life to the area.