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Coming up with front yard landscaping ideas in Chandler is really not that difficult. And you don’t have to be a landscaping professional or a homeowner to make a difference in your yard. In fact, you may be surprised at all the good things you can do for your landscaping this year. Don’t wait too long. Start planning now and you’ll be amazed at how your front yard will look.

front yard landscaping ideas in Chandler AZ

Your first step should be to check the local property laws in your area to determine what is allowed and what isn’t. It’s usually illegal to do most of the things you want to in your front yard, so you’ll want to consult your city official to be on the safe side. But, if you’re planning on some landscaping improvements, it’s probably legal. If not, you’ll need to get a special permit.

No matter what, you’ll want to choose plants that will grow well together. Potted plants are a great option, but you can’t have more than two in one yard. If you have a tree, you’ll want to plant vegetables around that tree. You can use leeks, onions, garlic, cucumbers, and much more. Herbs work well as well, or you could mix them up by using chives, parsley, and basil.

You’ll want to add plants that won’t spread or take over the area. So, you’ll want to stay away from evergreens such as boxwood, buckeye, and pine. Instead, choose shrubs, ground covers, and even groundhogs for your front yard.

Here are some front yard landscaping ideas in Chandler that you can implement today. First off, plant flowers and vegetables that will add color to your yard. This includes tomatoes, peppers, cacti, herbs, and more. These should all be planted before the first frost. Then, if you are looking for a nice accent, add a rock garden or a stone bench to your front yard. Both of these will surely make your yard come alive with color and life.

Next, be sure that you’re planting your plants in a well-drained soil. If you’re doing the yard yourself, consider using a soil that is well-rotted. This will help the roots grow strong and healthy. For those who don’t feel confident about sifting through their soil for rocks and dirt, you can purchase a pre-formed soil mix from most gardening stores. If you do buy the preformed type, be sure that you water your plants well after they’re planted so that they have a chance to establish themselves properly.

Another great front yard landscaping idea in Chandler is to create an area where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the shade of trees. Adding a patio to your front yard can be a wonderful way to do this. If you have the space, place a couple of nice garden chairs in your yard to make it more comfortable and welcoming. Add some plants to your front yard like azaleas and bushes. Also, if you have the space, place some flowers in pots on your patio or front yard to add to the overall beauty of your front yard.

Now that you have these front yard landscaping ideas in Chandler AZ, you need to decide how you want to implement them. If you have the budget, hiring a professional landscaper might be the best option for you. Just make sure that you give him the details so that you two can work together to achieve a beautiful landscape for your home. If you are a little cheaper than hiring a professional landscaper, then take some time to research on some ideas that you can use for your front yard. This will give you more options when it comes to designing your front yard.