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Whether you’re putting together a small yard or a large landscape border, it’s very important to get it right. A landscaping border is one of the most important parts of a finished yard. It serves as a visual cuing point for people coming up to your house to understand the scale of the entire landscaping project. Landscaping borders also serve to separate different areas, such as a patio or a walkway.

landscaping border in Chandler AZ

In Arizona, the only way to really have a great landscaping border in Arizona is to design one yourself. There are plenty of resources available that can help you design a border for your yard. Just about any landscaping tool that you can get your hands on will work well for this project. Just be sure that whatever you choose for your landscaping border in Chandler, AZ, you choose one that matches the style of the rest of the yard.

I’d recommend using some sort of a border that is made of something that has some texture to it. When I’m doing yards that are a bit smaller, I like to use river rock. It gives a nice visual touch when coming up to the yard and really adds some interest to the area. If you’re looking to create a more substantial border, try using rocks that vary in color from one area to the next. This will really give the yard depth.

If you have some experience building with landscaping borders, you might want to make some of your own. Using recycled materials that you might have laying around the house is a good way to get this project started. Of course, the skill level needs to be quite high to do this successfully, but it is definitely possible. Another option is to go out and purchase some outdoor furniture and decorative items that are designed for making landscaping borders.

Once the borders are in place, you can begin planting. While this is not particularly difficult, it is important to pick plants that will work well together. For instance, if you want to plant a border along the perimeter and then plant smaller plants along the inside, it would be wise to plant the larger plants first. This will allow room for the smaller plants as they come up through the soil.

It’s also a good idea to plan out the appearance of the yard before anything else. Consider the colors of the plants and what types of textures and forms will work best with the area. Think about the overall theme of the home, if there is one. Once the borders are in place, you can begin planting. Be sure to water the area adequately and make sure to rake the soil often to ensure a healthy growth.

The trick to a beautiful yard is to blend the plants, trees and landscape design into the natural area. When an area has too many contrasting elements, it looks like a field has been added to the front of the house. This is not a good look and tends to lead to an unattractive yard. With proper planning, a border and a few selected plants can accent the entire yard while still creating an attractive space.

Planning is key when beginning a landscaping border. With careful research and in-depth examination, any gardener can create a beautiful yard without the use of professional landscapers. Be patient and enjoy the process while making improvements to their backyard at the same time. After all, a good yard makes for a great living space.