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contemporary landscape design in Chandler AZ

Contemporary Landscape Design in Chandler AZ

Contemporary landscape design in Chandler AZ includes a mixture of classic looks and the more modern approach to landscaping. There are still plenty of ways to get the look of a traditional landscape and even those who live in an urban environment can appreciate the look of this style of landscaping. This is a great opportunity for you to add a little bit of the wild west to your property, while still being able to keep it very simple. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate contemporary landscaping design in Chandler.

One thing that really works well in this area is the use of various types of landscaping pathways. Pathways range from simple steps or small walkways to large paths that connect to an entire lawn. You can make them as wide or as deep as you want. Just be sure that they connect to an area that has plenty of room for walking or for turning around. The path also should be wide enough to accommodate a person walking at least three abreast.

Of course, this type of design is much better suited to properties with large backyards. If your backyard is large enough, you could have a walkway that leads to a deck or patio area. Then you can have a patio that borders the back yard so that the two areas can be used interchangeably. A variation on this idea is to have a screened Lanai or back porch where you and some friends can spend a few hours sitting out on the deck or patio, while enjoying the view. Of course, if you want to keep it indoors, you can simply create a smaller back yard patio.

Patios are a lot of fun, especially if you use different textures, colors and designs. For instance, brick pavers make for an attractive looking border around your front yard. Or you could use a grouping of round stones or pebbles in the shape of a cross. You could use pavers that reflect light in a nice way, which will give your yard a unique architectural look. You can also use brick as the floor of your patio or use concrete pavers and concrete to make a nice walking surface.

One way that you can enhance your contemporary landscape design in Chandler is to choose plants that can withstand a lot of heat and sun. For example, evergreens are great in the dry desert climate, but not so much in the heat and sun of a desert. Some shade-loving shrubs, such as palms and ocotillo, do well in both conditions. Or you can plant cacti in your yard, especially if you live in a dry climate where they grow well. There are many other interesting and attractive shrubs and plants available in many sizes, colors, shapes, and varieties.

Another great way that you can enhance your contemporary landscape design in Chandler is to put some kind of water feature somewhere in your yard. Pools are a great option because they are so easy to care for and to install. All you need is a little digging around the edge. You don’t even have to dig deep enough to break your back digging. Plus, a great part about installing a pool in your backyard is that it looks so natural. The best part is that pools in Arizona are exempt from many strict building codes.

Contemporary landscaping in Chandler is about being versatile and being creative. This means that you can choose from hundreds of different styles and landscapes to create your own personal oasis in the desert. If you’re looking to create a peaceful oasis for you and your family, consider landscaping your yard after you’ve purchased your home. Consider planting flowers that can thrive even in the most extreme of weather conditions. This way you can make sure that your landscape design in Chandler has a completely weatherproof element to it.

When it comes to contemporary landscape design in Chandler, you really have some great choices. No matter what your personal taste might be, you should be able to find a landscape design in Chandler that’s perfect for you. Landscaping is a great way to make use of your backyard and it gives your whole house with a nice soft feel. A beautiful yard is a beautiful house.