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native landscape design in Chandler AZ

6 Native Planting and Landscaping Tips For Homeowners in Chandler AZ

Looking for a native habitat that offers outstanding azalea blooms and shade for your azalea, garden, or patio? How about an exquisite display of desert flowers that will provide a focal point on your property or deck? If you have a large backyard with a great view, a native landscape design in Chandler AZ may be just what you’re looking for.

When it comes to landscaping, there are many techniques used. From traditional desert landscaping, to a completely organic approach, native plants can add a unique aesthetic to any outdoor area. Native landscape design is very appealing to the eye, with its rugged mountainside texture and abundant colors. There are many different types of desert landscaping to choose from, including:

o Desert Planting natives in desert areas provides a distinct accent to any home or business in Chandler. Native plants can give a very rustic look to any landscape. Native plants that thrive in Arizona include cactus, juniper, sage and desert grasses. In order to bring this look into your area, research the types of native plants that will best suit your area. With a little bit of planning, you can accomplish the look that you desire.

o Water Features and Swimming Pools Adding a water feature or swimming pool to your yard provides the added touch of elegance that many desert plants do not possess. A unique type of water feature is a lizard rock, which is placed in the desert area. A well-planned lagoon or fountain-like structure can really add character and charm to your yard. In order to create a lagoon, dig a hole that is half the size of the rock and fill with water. Once the water has recessed into the ground, add more rocks and foliage to the area and let it sit.

o Garden Statues and Fountains Something that are unique about desert landscaping is the use of desert plants and statues. These are usually decorative desert plant statues that hold a water source or fish. These can be small water features that are planted in an area near a home or small water garden statue that is built above or along a footpath. Both of these pieces of art can make for a stunning yard if they are chosen carefully.

o Native Planting and Landscaping Chandler residents have a great deal of choices when it comes to native plantings. They can choose from a large variety of desert plants and even those native to the Phoenix area. These plants can provide a dramatic focal point in your yard as well as other features. If you are looking to incorporate a small water feature, there are fountains that will be perfect for that as well. All of these designs are an excellent way to introduce a native design element into your landscape design.

o Patio Furniture and Decor If you live in an area that enjoys sitting on the couch or rocking chairs, you can buy beautiful patio furniture and decor to put on your patio. This is also a great way to showcase some desert plants you have chosen. You could also find some decorative pieces to put on your front porch.

The desert does not have to make your yard boring. Using the above ideas you can help to make your desert landscaping design an amazing and eye-striking display that is sure to please the people who pass by your home or yard. Your guests will be sure to admire your landscaping efforts. You can even invite them over to view your work of art. It’s all about showcasing your desert landscaping talents.